We are a movement of justice -seekers and peacemakers. Our Strategic Focus this year Is
Global Hunger.

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Gombe: The Second Safest State in Nigeria

The video on the left is from a TV news broadcast in Gombe City at the beginning of November. When we started in Gombe 6 years ago, the state had significant levels of Boko Haram violence. Today, the violence has significantly reduced. The violence caused by cattle herders on crop farmers is still an issue, but as you would hear in the video, we are working to address that as well. The governor of the state gave OMNIA its Peace and Security Award for the role of Interfaith Peacemaker Teams in reducing violence in the state. Click here to read more.

Interfaith Peacemaker Teams

IP Teams are mostly located in marginalized communities. However, the Teams have attracted a variety of influential and professional leaders.
● Clergy and Lay Religious Leaders
● Key Women’s Groups and Leaders
● Politicians. Civil Servants and Community Leaders
● Professionals such as professors, lawyers, NGO executives.

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Interfaith Peacemaker team training in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Latest Posts

The Barbershop Boys: a Story of Transformation

Two young men, caught in the trap of Boko Haram, broke free, and build a franchise of Barbershops in Gombe State, Nigeria.

Shanta Premawardhana
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Gombe -- The Second Safest State in Nigeria

Gombe State was in the heart of Boko Haram insurgency for many years. Today its the second safest state in Nigeria.

Shanta Premawardhana
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Friends Don't Let Friends Go to War Drunk on Vengeance

There are alternatives to war. The political leaders have no interst in trying them. Religious leaders must step up and lead.

Shanta Premawardhana
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Make Peace Work

Interfaith Peacemaker Teams engage the best resources within every community to help turn the tide of extremist violence to create a new season of peaceful cooperation. You can become a team member - through your voice, your involvement, and your financial support!
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