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Featured Story: 2,000+ women engaged in peacebuilding

Ruth Abner is a Christian. Zuwaira Alhassan is a Muslim. At an OMNIA’s Interfaith Peacemaker Training they did a one-on-one conversation and decided that they need to get other Muslim and Christian women in their village to pair up and do one-on-ones. Eleven pairs of Muslim and Christian women came together to for an IP Team. Within a year, they numbered 120. They brought together over 2000 women to stop election-related violence in their community. Through their leadership, women throughout the community are teaching their sons and daughters how to build power together.

Interfaith Peacemaker Teams

IP Teams are mostly located in so-called “marginalized” communities. However, the Teams have attracted a variety of influential and professional leaders.
● Clergy and Lay Religious Leaders
● Key Women’s Groups and Leaders
● Politicians. Civil Servants and Community Leaders
● Professionals such as professors, lawyers, NGO executives.

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Interfaith Peacemaker team training in Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Interfaith Peacemaker Teams engage the best resources within every community to help turn the tide of extremist violence to create a new season of peaceful cooperation. You can become a team member - through your voice, your involvement, and your financial support!
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