How to become a peacemaker

Build Trusting Relationships with Diverse Neighbors.

Peacemaking begins with trusting relationships. OMNIA's training helps identify your self-interest based on 3Vs - your Values, Vision and Vocation. We teach you to the art of having productive one-on-one conversations across difference, and discovering the other person's self-interest. When self-interests are aligned you can act together on issues that are critical to you and your community.

OMNIA's training sharpens your skills, provides you a disciplined approach to collaboration across diversities, building power and strategic action. It prepares you to build justice and peace through Interfaith Peacemaker Teams.

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Women's Interfaith Peacemaker Team in Kaltungo, Nigeria
A large gathering organized by a women's Interfaith Peacemaker Teams in Kaltungo, Nigeria.

Participate in OMNIA's IP Team Training

IP Team trainings are not for the faint-hearted. They train you to collaborate with those who are different, build power by building reationships and alliances and act strategically on issues of justice and peace. Despite Covid restrictions, these in-person (mask-wearing, socially distanced) 2 ½ day trainings are held in villages and towns in Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

We are also conducting virtual trainings with a view to starting IP Teams both virtual and contextual. Each training session is two hours-long and meets weekly for seven sessions. There are assignments in between sessions. At the end, participants are invited to form IP Teams.

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A room full of individuals with arms locked together, listening to a pastor speak
Rev. Osagyefo Sekou, provided a training on non-violence civil disobedience in the context of Black Lives Matter movement.
A Peacemaker Team in Sri Lanka sitting at desks working together
An IP Team training session in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Build an Interfaith Peacemaker Team

Your Basic Training prepares you to build an IP Team in your local community. Now with the virtual trainings we are also able build Virtual IP Teams. Leadership in an IP Team requires Advanced Training. In Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, these two-day trainings take place at central locations. In time, we will add Advanced Training in the virtual IP Team trainings.

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Make Peace Work

Interfaith Peacemaker Teams engage the best resources within every community to help turn the tide of extremist violence to create a new season of peaceful cooperation. You can become a team member - through your voice, your involvement, and your financial support!
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