A Call to Be Peacemakers (SCUPE Congress on Urban Ministry) March 4, 2011

OMNIA's predecessor organization SCUPE's Congress on Urban Ministry on the theme "Peacemaking in a Culture of Violence" issued this "Call to Be Peacemakers." The Co-convenors of the congress were, Rev. James Forbes and Fr. Michael Pfleger.

Community Preparedness for Covid-19

OMNIA compiled this resource for use by IP Team members to talk to religious leaders about how they can teach their congregations about Covid-19 hygiene. In Nigeria, teams of Nursing School students and IP Team members traveled to 24 villages speaking to religious leaders. Many said, this was more effective than the information the government provided.

Together Building a Just Economy (SCUPE Congress on Urban Ministry) June 26, 2014

OMNIA's predecessor organization SCUPE's Congress on Urban Ministry, on the theme "Together Building a Just Economy: A Manifesto for People of Faith" adopted this call to action.

Make Peace Work

Interfaith Peacemaker Teams engage the best resources within every community to help turn the tide of extremist violence to create a new season of peaceful cooperation. You can become a team member - through your voice, your involvement, and your financial support!
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