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Welcome to OMNIA's Interfaith Peacemaker Team Virtual Training

Is the Pandemic Getting to You?

We are living through massive global crises. It's not just the pandemic; it's rising authoritarianism and the instability of democracies; it's violent extremism and the epidemic of gun violence; it's climate change that results in wild-fires, hurricanes, rising ocean levels, and much more. We are powerless to stop these disruptions. We feel dispirited, angry and isolated.

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way!

OMNIA trains religious leaders and people of faith to be powerful actors for justice and peace in places where community is fragile. They form Interfaith Peacemaker (IP) Teams where members collaborate across differences, build power, and act strategically on issues that arise from the grassroots of their communities. Clear-eyed evaluations of power require the IP Teams to act only on those issues that are urgent, relevant, and winnable, ensuring that they win. A series of wins by IP Teams in a geographic area will result in cultural shifts, in which, the people’s tolerance of extremism is reduced, their affirmation of pluralism is increased, and community is restored.

Join Our Virtual IP Team Training

The next cohort starts on Saturday, February 19th. We meet from 9:00 -- 11:00 a.m. (US/Canada Central Standard Time). Please There will be seven sessions that meet weekly (on a day of the week that is convenient to the cohort). There will also be video lessons to learn from and other assignments during the week. Please use the form on the right to sign up.

Your Commitment

You will commitments are

  • to attend all sessions
  • to complete all assignments
  • to participate in or build a new IP Team (virtual or local).

This particular series is a new and updated version of OMNIA virtual training and is experimental. As such we will not charge a fee this time. We will be charging a fee from subsequent cohorts.

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Make Peace Work

Interfaith Peacemaker Teams engage the best resources within every community to help turn the tide of extremist violence to create a new season of peaceful cooperation. You can become a team member - through your voice, your involvement, and your financial support!
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