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We train people of diverse faiths, backgrounds, and points of view to engage productively, honestly, and creatively to solve problems together.

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From Boko Haram to Barbershop

This young barber together with a friend (names withheld) escaped an extremist camp. and came to OMNIA’s training. There they learned entrepreneurial skills and found resources to open a barber shop.

The two Muslim men made a rare pledge: as the business grows they will to hire Christian young men to help them.

Critical Alliances Forged

His Royal Highness Bala Waja is the Paramount Ruler of Waja land in Gombe State. When we began our work we sought and received the blessing of many Traditional Rulers. Some asked if we were bringing something from Chicago. that they didn't know about. We said, no, but what we want to do is to help religious leaders understand that Christianity and Islam is not native to Nigeria. We want to raise up the seeds of peace native to the Nigerian soil.

Eighty Six Interfaith peacemaker teams in Nigeria

Young people, both girls and boys are susceptible to being recruited by Boko Haram. Religious fervor, economic necessity, lack of educational opportunity are some of the drivers recruitment. Omnia's training helps clergy and lay religious leaders to work together to address these drivers, through the IP Teams.

Peace Through progress

In Sri Lanka OMNIA brings together Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and Muslim Leaders to form IP Teams in communities wracked by violence. Repercussions of a 26 year long war that ended in 2009, continuing violence against minority religious communities have caused severe grief and struggle for many people. Today, there are 35 IP Teams in the villages around the city of Kanday, and in the Northern and Eastern provinces.


Whether it’s a warrior for peace, a prophetic theologian, a seasoned scholar, or an up and coming activist, OMNIA connects with the great minds of our time to inform, educate, and challenge others to be the leaders they’ve been waiting for.

A muslim and a christian build a women's movement

When Ruth, a Christian, and Zuwaira, a Muslim, met at OMNIA’s IPT Training event, they decided to organize an interfaith women’s movement for peace. Today more than 2,000 women have mobilized to stop violence and teach their sons and daughters how to build power together.

Make Peace Work

Interfaith Peacemaker Teams engage the best resources within every community to help turn the tide of extremist violence to create a new season of peaceful cooperation. You can become a team member - through your voice, your involvement, and your financial support!
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