Teenagers IP Team Defeats Child Marriage

OLD DHAKA – IP Team leader Prachajo brought 20 teenagers together who began actively working to stop child (forced)marriage. This urgent, relevant and winnable issue fell on their laps when parents of one of their friends arranged a marriage for her. The IP Team went to her house talked to the parents, brought the whole family together hoping to convince them not only of the immorality of this action, but also its illegality.

It did not work. The Team organized more pressure on the families. They got village elders and authorities to put pressure on them and held protest rallies on behalf of the would-be bride. Then they asked Mr. Mohibissho’s lawyers' IP Team for help. The lawyers came in and threatened to sue the family. The families decided to call it off and wait until the bride was over 18.

Teenagers IP Team Defeats Child Marriage
Teenage members of an OMNIA Peacemaker Team in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

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